The Easy Eye Tracker TM Reading Tool Patent Pending

 and  the  Guided Decoding Strategies  


The Easy Eye Tracker Reading Tool is made of plastic so it is durable and easily cleaned.  There are no small parts and the Rotary Slider is firmly attached to the bottom page cover with a grommet that keeps the two pieces together.  It is designed to be kid proof!

The Easy Eye Tracker comes with a fully illustrated, comprehensive instruction manual.  The manual describes how to use the device to improve visual processing skills, how to move the device on the page, from page to page, and, how to "fade" use of the tool. 

Also included in the manual is a desciption of a method for teaching word decoding using a set of techniques called "Guided Decoding".  Guided Decoding helps teach the skills of unblending, linking letters with their speech referents, and blending sounds to read words. 

  • Easy Eye Tracker Reading Tool


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