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About the creator of the Easy Eye Tracker Reading Tool

The Easy Eye Tracker Reading Tool was created by Sandra McKinnis, M.A., CCCSLP.  Sandra is a Speech-Language Pathologist, currently in private practice.  She has 32 years of experience treating children and adults with all types of disabilities.  She created the Easy Eye Tracker Reading Tool to help her patients with reading disabilities due to dyslexia, dyspraxia, speech and language delays, autism, and other developmental delays.  She has used it successfully for over 8 years,


Sandra McKinnis, M.A., CCCSLP is the owner of Pediatric Speech-Language Therapy Services.  She has extensive clinical experience treating children who have reading disabilities, as well as those with other speech and language difficulties.

Sandra has worked in outpatient rehabilitation settings, the public schools, and in private practice.  She provided services to schools in remote areas of Alaska for 17 years.  Sandra has developed and taught two continuing education classes through the University of Alaska -- "The Language of Play" and "Concept Based Instruction in Language, Reading, Writing and Math".

She is the author of "The Processing Program" available through Super Duper Publications (   



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